Given the growing expansion of the IOT market and the continuous demand for systems for processing data from remote sensor clusters, GNG in collaboration with the Faculty of Computer Engineering at the University of Rome TORVERGATA, applying Edge Computing principles, has implemented a Linux based MDC (Micro Data Center) with internet connectivity: GNG EDGE SUITE.

GNG EDGE SUITE allows to manage remotely up to 500 sensors of any type through a MQTT protocol: humidity sensors, temperature sensors, lighting sensors, power consumption and power storage sensors, air quality, fine dusts and NO2 concentration sensors, adding GPS coordinates to each measurement location, among the others.

Visual Environment and Domotics, Solar Farms, Elevators and Escalators installations are currently using GNG EDGE SUITE and sensors cards.

GNG is available to customize EDGE SUITE to specific projects and to design personalized sensor cards.


Edge computing accelerates data streams, which are processed in real time without latency, and enables smart applications and devices to respond almost instantaneously, eliminating delays. This is critical for technologies that require fast response times (e.g. self-driving cars) and offers equally significant benefits to businesses.

Edge computing enables high-volume data to be efficiently processed close to its source, reducing Internet bandwidth usage, eliminating costs and ensuring effective use of applications in remote locations. In addition, the ability to process data without ever moving it to the public cloud adds a useful layer of security for sensitive data and ensures that businesses can find the data immediately.

Technical Specs:

Raspberry PI 4 system, 8G Ram,32G SD card, with 4 inch touch screen display

peripherals according to customer needs, the main ones are:

-  4 or 7 inch color touch screen LCD, to be able to view the progress of the measurements in real                     time on site.

-  external hard disk to manage, through a special database, all those situations where the amount of             data collected becomes preponderant.

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